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We secure your documents with Certified True Copy Attestation Services in Dubai with 100% Trust and client Satisfaction

Who we are and what do we do?

Notary services Dubai is the pioneer of certified true copy attestation, legal attestation, document legalization, and notarization services in Dubai.

What is our main expertise?

Our expertise in handling all types of legal procedures, legal documents, legal attestation, and certification services in Dubai.

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We have worked with many businesses and clients in Dubai and our trust level is 100% with 100% satisfactory results. we provide the best quality.

Is attestation a necessary process? or what do you exactly do?

Attestation is necessary to process if you are doing any transaction abroad which is termed as Notary services Dubai. The parties abroad either Immigration, immigration attorney, bank, college, university, real estate agents, companies, Government offices may ask you for notarized copies of documents.

Notarization of the document is one way to analyze the authenticity of a document. When you planning to travel abroad and apply for immigration. It is a compulsory process that, the document should be properly notarized under legal authority. Notarization is a process to prove the genuineness of a document. We are a team of professional Lawyers & advocates with sound experience and knowledge of notarization. We enable our team members to work as per instructions given by our esteemed clients. It has enabled us to owe a good number of customers to our clientele list.

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I was in need of notarized copy of my passport and utility bill for banking purposes abroad. They notarized my documents straight away. I was well attended and impressed with the responsiveness and professional attitude of all staff! No time wasted, great quality of the services provided.
Thank you!

– Nadejda Bozukova

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