Certified True Copy Attestation Dubai

Certified True Copy Attestation Dubai

What is certified true copy Attestation in Dubai?

Certified true copy attestation Dubai is certification of documents. True Copy Attestation in Dubai, true copy attestations are to certify documents after sighing the original. A certified true copy is a copy of a document that a lawyer or Notary services Dubai certified as a true copy attestation of an original document. Notary services Dubai will sign, and stamp Xerox copies after comparing the original and Xerox copies are the same.

Certified True Copy Attestation Dubai – Professional services

Certified true copy attestation Dubai services are offered at our office. Lawyers/solicitors in Dubai are one to offer services of certified true copy attestation. It is one of the basic legal requirements if you are making any transactions outside the country/back home. The transaction could be banking, real estate, and company setup, applying for immigration to Canada, Australia, the UK, Dominica, Europe, or the Caribbean, etc.

Affordable Certified True Copy Attestation Dubai

Certified true copy attestation services are needed for many legal procedures. It is a photocopy of an original document that has been confirmed as a true copy by a lawyer/law firm. Passports, Emirates ID, utility bills, and international driving licenses are common documents that are certified as a true copies. Advocates and lawyers in the United Arab Emirates certify passports, utility bills in Dubai, and other emirates. For a lawyer or firm to certify credentials as a true copy, originals are required to submit. Along with the presence of the holder of the document, and present a valid form of identification.

Certified true copy attestation Dubai
certified true copy attestation Dubai

What documents are certified or Notarized as True copies?

If you have been requested for certified true copy attestation. You may be wondering if to have certified true copies. Notary services Dubai is here to help you with certified true copy attestation services in Dubai. Various documents can be notarized as a true copy, some of them are stated below:

  • Passports
  • Emirates ID
  • Driving license / International
  • Utility bills
  • Tenancy contracts
  • Telephone bills/Mobile bills
  • Bank statement
  • Certificates
  • Degrees/Diplomas
  • Marriage/birth certificates
  • Transcripts/Marks sheet
  • Photographs
  • Employment letters
  • Experience Certificate

 It is needed when the holder of the passport does not want to submit the original passport. Not limited to passports but other documents such as degrees, certificates, and experiences letters are required to submit abroad. Sending those documents needs a lot of time to reach abroad. Therefore certified true copies are required by concerned authorities outside.

How to get certified true copy attestation Dubai?

Certified true copy attestation Dubai. To get certified true copy attestation for all types of documents. You will be required to visit a notary public or authorized lawyers for certification of your documents. The below steps are required to get certified true copy attestation services.

Submit Original documents along with Xerox copies. The document must be original, and your presence as well. If you do not have photocopies. The lawyer’s office may make copies for you.

The Lawyer will check the original document, and make sure if the document is genuine. Once the document is confirmed as genuine. He/she will seal and sign it as a true copy of the original document.

After completion of sealing and stamping, you will get your certified copies with stamps and original back.

The service could be slower or faster and depends on the service provider you choose. If you choose a company to certify a document for you. It may require one or two days to get your documents back. However, if you opt for Notary services in Dubai. You can get your documents certified straight away. Once you visit our office with originals. You can get your document attested and certified same time.

Steps to Acquire certified true copy attestation?

  • Submit original:

You need to submit the original document to our office/lawyer for true copy attestation. It can be either degree, certificate, passport, Utility bill, experience letter, etc.

  • Cross-check:

The Lawyer checks the originality of the documents. He/she makes sure of the genuineness of the document and prepares a Xerox of the original. The photocopy/Xerox copy of the original is certified as a true copy with the stamp & signature of the firm/lawyer.

  • Receive Certified:

Finally, you will receive your original and certified copy. The Xerox of the original document will bear the Lawyer’s stamp, signature, date, and “I certify that this is a true copy of the original document”.

Notarization of True copies from Notary services Dubai?

Certified true copy attestation Dubai. We offer rapid and reliable true copy attestation in Dubai that will be helping you to get your documents processed soonest. The documents certified by us as true copies of the originals are accepted by the Banks, Immigrations, Companies, and concerned authorities. You can get a reliable certified true copy straight away from us. Getting it through the legal services provider could turn out to be pretty convenient. And facilitate to approach.

Certified true copy attestation Dubai. It is a process in which the lawyer provides a stamp and signature on the document to approve its credibility. True copy attestation is the primary legalization procedure and confirmation of the genuineness of the document. It is an important type of legalization when you are needing your documents attested for foreign travel or business purposes.

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If you go with Notary services Dubai. We can provide one of the fast-certified true copy attestation services in Dubai and saving of time which you can invest in other fruitful tasks. We are licensed to certify all kinds of legal documents. Our service is rapid & cost-effective. We are happy to assist you with all documents notarization, and attestation. If you are looking for more information and understand the process of notarization and attestation. You can write an email. info@notaryservicesdubai.com