Certified True Copy Attesation Services

Certified True Copy Attesation Services

Where do I get certified true copy attestation services in Dubai?

Certified true copy attestation services are the process of certifying a xerox copy of an original document as a certified true copy. It is also called Certified true copy attestation or Notarization as a true copy of an original document. A true copy of a document is usually needed for legal purposes to confirm that the document is accurate and was not forged in any way.

Basically, a registered lawyer or a solicitor will cross-check the original documents and sign and stamp the xerox copies with the specific wording “certified that this document is a true copy of an original”. Normally, the certified true copy attestation services are done for the following documents, although they are used or submitted outside the United Arab Emirates:

Passports and IDs
Proof Address documents (Utility bills, Tenancy Contract)
Application forms
Academic documents (Degrees, certificates, diplomas, transcripts, and mark sheets)
Experience certificates (Employment letters, offer letters, Affidavit, and declarations)

In Dubai, Certified true copy attestation services for personal documents are performed by registered lawyers, public Notary or varying authorities that have issued the document. Company documents can be attested by the authority that issued them, or you can have them certified by our lawyers at our office. If you are an aspirant for migration, you might have documents for certification for migration purposes to Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, etc. Such official documents are certified, and stamped by a lawyer, advocate in Dubai.

We are a certified team of registered lawyers, and by performing attestation of documents for various jurisdictions, we can act as a witnesses to signatures for the following documents typically used in foreign countries:

  • Affidavit
  • Declaration
  • Gift Deeds
  • Resolutions
  • Agreements
  • Letters of Support

The Documents witnessed and certified  by a lawyer are used for a number of purposes, including immigration or residence visa applications, setting up a company, selling and/or buying a real estate, financing,  bank account operations, and presenting the documents to authorities abroad.

Get your Documents Certified the same day.

What are the steps for Certified true copy attestation services in the UAE?

This is a general description of the process and the steps that must be taken to get a true copy attestation in the UAE. The process may differ from document to document.

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  • Original Make sure that your document is original and not forged. Concerned authorities or lawyers cannot make certified copies of xerox copies.
  • ConfirmationMake sure what sort of true copy attestation is needed. Should it be done by a registered lawyer/solicitor  or by the authority that issued the document.
  • Xerox copy: Make a copy of the document on white paper, should be clear and readable.
  • Submission: Submit the original document and a xerox copy of it to a lawyer/solicitor, notary, or concerned authority (depending on your needs) for Certifying and stamping the copy as a true copy.
  • Collect: A lawyer, notary, or concerned official will verify the original and stamp and sign the copy of the original with specific wording; that the original was seen and the copy taken from the original document, and, that is the correct, true certified copy of an original document.

We have partnered with several companies to whom we offer certified true copy attestation services in Dubai and services throughout the UAE. Which they use our signed and certified documents in different jurisdictions.

We can certify true copies of the original documents as well as witness your signature on various legal documents to be used in various jurisdictions such as Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand,Dominica, Turkey, Malaysia, Malta, Bulgaria, Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, Hungary, Portugal, ST. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc.

Notary Services Dubai is the only dedicated notary services provider firm in the United Arab Emirates and offers a full range of Legal services, legal attestation, and certification of documents, and certified true copy attestation services in the UAE. To learn more about our services and for legal consultation, please get in touch with us through phone, +971 54 380 1094 (WhatsApp) or +971 54 380 1094 or email at [email protected]

Frequestly Asked Questions


What is a Certified True Copy attestation?

A Certified True Copy attestation is a process through which a document is verified and attested as an right and accurate copy of the original document by a lawyer. This service is often required for official purposes

When is Certified True Copy attestation required in Dubai?

Certified true copy attestation is often required for different purposes, such as visa applications, employment, academic admissions, legal procedures etc. It gives an extra layer of validation that the copy of a document being presented is genuine and reliable.

Who can provide Certified true copy attestation services in Dubai?

Certified true copy  attestation services are typically offered by notary public, and lawyers in Dubai. You can approach a reliable team of Notary services Dubai for certified true copy attestation services.

What documents can be subject to Certified true copy attestation in Dubai?

Generally, Certified true copy is done on all types of documents but availability of an original is mandatory. The document include educational certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, passport copies, and other papers.

How do I get a document certified as a true copy in Dubai?

To get a document certified as a true copy attestation in Dubai.  Visit us at The H Dubai – Sheikh zayed road – trade centre. Or book an online appointment for processing your documents certification remotely. Notary Services Dubai at The H Dubai is experienced to handle all types of certified true copy attestation services in Dubai

What is the cost of CTC attestation services in Dubai?

The cost of Certified true copy attestation services is AED. 300-500. It can vary based on the type of document, the service provider, and the urgency of the request. It is advisable to check with the Notary Services Dubai for fees of each document certification.

How long does it take to get a document Certified in Dubai?

The processing time with Notary Services Dubai for certified true copy attestation services is minutes only. You can have your documents certified straight away.

Do I need to be present in Dubai for certified true copy attestation services?

you may not always need to be present. Either you can send notary Services Dubai original and copies of documents. Or visit us with original and copies of documents.