Certified True Copy Attestation in Dubai

Certified True Copy Attestation in Dubai | Certified True Copy Attestation Services in Dubai | Certified True copy attestation in UAE

Certified true Copy Attestation in Dubai is the certification of documents in UAE. Certified true copy attestation refers to copy of the original document which is certified by notary public or Lawyers. Certified true copy attestation refers to copy of an original document which is attested with an official seal is an accurate and faithful production of the original. It is accompanies by signature, stamp, date, relevant wordings about the document certified. Notary Services Dubai at H office tower – sheikh Zayed road – trade center – Dubai – the United Arab Emirates offer certified true copy attestation services in Dubai and rest of the United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, you can opt online certified true copy attestation services from us. At Notary Services Dubai, Certified true copy attestation is an instant services offer by our team of experienced lawyers. It is one of the basic requirements if you are making any transaction outside the country/back home.

What documents are certified or Notarized as True copies

Certified true copy attestation services are needed for many legal procedures. It is a photocopy of an original document that has been confirmed as a true copy by a lawyer/law firm.  Advocates and lawyers in the United Arab Emirates certify documents in Dubai, and other emirates. For a lawyers to certify a document as a true copy, original and copy is required, Along with the presence of the holder of the document, and present a valid form of identification document such as Passport & Emirates ID. Various documents can be notarized as a true copy, some of them are stated below:

Legal consultant performing process of certified true copy attestation in Dubai
  • Passports
  • Emirates ID
  • Driving license / International
  • Utility bills (i.e. DEWA & SEWA)
  • Tenancy contracts
  • Telephone bills/Mobile bills (Du & Etisalat)
  • Bank statement
  • Certificates
  • Degrees/Diplomas
  • Marriage/birth certificates
  • Transcripts/Marks sheet
  • Photographs/Photos
  • Employment letters
  • Experience Certificate
  • Application form

 It is needed when the holder of the passport does not want to submit the original passport. Not limited to passports but other documents such as degrees, certificates, and experience letters are required to submit abroad. Sending those documents takes a lot of time to reach abroad. Therefore certified true copies are required by concerned authorities outside.

Need of Certified True Copy Attestation services in UAE

The certification is a often required by government, embassies, private companies, banks, business setup firms, employers, immigration, Schools, colleges, universities around the world. They rely on and accept certified copy of original document for transaction required by the holder of the document. True Copy attestation is important part part importance can not skipped, its is important part of verification and successful conclusion of concerned transaction.

Our clients in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates usually search for the certified true copy of passports, Utility bills (DEWA bill/SEWA bill etc) as proof of their address in in the United Arab Emirates, photos, experience letters, degrees, certificates, business license and various other documents to fulfil the requirements from the third parties around the world. If you in search of certified true copy attestation services in UAE for the following transactions:

Education Overseas: Degree & Certificates

Business Setup: Offshore business setup around the globe.

Professional Licensing: Experience reference letters, Degrees, Passport, Proof of address.

Employment Abroad: Employment contract, job offer, employment letters, employment reference, experience letters

Banks Outside the UAE:Power of attorney, Indemnity forms, (KYC – Know your customer Documents), Signature Authorization.

Immigration: Documents certification for Canada, Australia, Dominica, USA, UK, Grenada, Montenegro, St. Kitts and Nevis,  St. Lucia, Malta, Antigua and Barbuda etc.

Contact Professional Notary Services Dubai to get documents certified within couple of minutes, we are one of the best Certified true copy attestation services provider in the United Arab Emirates. Call, Whatsapp or Email Now!

How to get certified true copy attestation in Dubai

The process is very simple and you can get certified true copy attestation in couple of minutes from Notary Services Dubai. In order to get the service for all types of documents. You will be required to visit a notary public or authorized lawyers for certification. Following below steps are required to get certified true copy attestation services. Submit Original documents along with photocopies, and your presence as well in the lawyer’s office. If you do not have photocopies. The lawyer’s office may make copies for you. 

The Lawyer will check the original document, and make sure if the document is genuine. Once the document is confirmed as genuine. He/she will seal and sign it as a true copy of the original document. After completion of sealing and stamping, you will get your certified copy with stamps and original. 

The service could be slower or faster depending on the service provider you choose. If you choose a company to certify a document for you. It may require one or two days to get your documents back. However, if you opt for Notary Services Dubai. You can get your documents certified straight away. Once you visit our office with the originals. You can get your document attested and certified same time. Following below steps you can get documents from us in couple of minutes.

Steps to Get Certified true copy attestation in Dubai


You need to submit the original document along with photocopy of the same to our office/lawyer for a true copy attestation. It can be either a passport, Utility bills, Emirates ID, driving license, degree, certificate,  transcripts, experience letter, bank stateement, applications forms, KYC forms for banks, Photographs etc.


Our Lawyers will check the original doucment and compare it with copy. He/she will make sure of the genuineness of the document  Then the lawyer will legalize copy with stamp, signature, date, and specific words “This is true copy of an original document which I have seen”.


Finally, you will receive your original and certified copy with our firm details on copy of document which includes: firm name, Signature, date, address, license number, certification stamp. After our legal stamp. The copy is officially certified, and our clients can use it for their concerned purposes.

Why Certified True copy Attestation in Dubai: Benefits of Certified True Copy Attestation services in Dubai

Certified True Copy Attestation in Dubai holds significant importance, particularly when dealing with overseas banks, business setups, immigration processes, and employers. The primary benefit of obtaining certified true copies lies in the fact that clients are not required to send their original documents. Instead, the certified true copy attestation serves as a legal and equivalent representation of the original document.

This process is not only practical but also cost-effective. Sending original documents abroad involves considerable expenses, and the risk associated with potential loss or damage during transit is high. Additionally, the original documents are valuable property and legal possessions of the document owner, making it impractical and unnecessary to send them to anyone. 

Certified true copy attestation ensures that a copy of the original document is officially certified and recognized as authentic. This not only saves costs related to shipping but also provides a secure and legally accepted alternative for various international transactions. It simplifies processes for individuals and businesses engaged in global activities, allowing them to navigate legal and administrative requirements without the need to part with their original documents.

Certification is very important in the complicated web of law and administrative processes. we give specialized Certified True Copy Attestation services in Dubai and are known as a beacon of trust. This vital service, which is offered by our experienced lawyers, makes sure that copies of documents are accurate and real, opening up a huge range of global opportunities in many fields.

Making sure that transactions are legally Binding:

Banks Transactions: Getting through the complicated world of banking requires accuracy and trustworthiness. When opening a new account, getting a loan, or doing other business with money abroad, having a certified true copy attestation from Notary Services Dubai adds credibility to papers and reassures financial institutions that they are correct and legal.

Real Estate Transactions: In the fast-paced world of real estate, carefully drafted paperwork is needed to move property ownership or carry out contracts, Ejari,  and Lease contract. Certified true copy certification makes sure that all the necessary paperwork is in order and follows the law. This builds trust in all real estate deals that Notary Services Dubai offers.

Setting up a Business: business establishments: Notary Services Dubai is a trusted partner for business owners who want to get establish a branch overseas. The certified true copy verification services make it possible for business setup to go smoothly. Each and every company document, from articles of incorporation to partnership agreements, is carefully looked over and attested to make sure it meets regulatory standards.

Immigration:  Certified true copy certification is often a must for people who want to travel abroad. Notary Services Dubai is a key part of helping people get into countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, Dominica, Europe, the Caribbean, and more. Every document, from school transcripts to professional licenses, is carefully checked to make sure it meets the strict requirements of immigration officials.

The Good Thing About Notary Services Dubai: Knowledge of how to do Certified True Copy Attestation:

Notary Services Dubai specializes in Certified True Copy Attestation, which shows that we care about making sure that copies of documents are correct and real. The company handles the complicated attestation process with accuracy and speed.

Customized solutions for a wide range of transactions: Notary Services Dubai knows that its clients have different needs, so it adapts its attestation services to fit different deals. Notary Services Dubai offers custom solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, whether it’s a crucial legal case, a real estate deal, or a foreign business deal.

In a world where authenticity is important, Notary Services Dubai stands out as a reliable partner. Our Certified True Copy Attestation is the key to getting recognized around the world. Our attestation services open up new opportunities in a wide range of fields, from the fast-paced banking industry to the complicated world of immigration procedures. We show that the company is dedicated to accuracy, law, and client success. Feel good about starting your trip. For attestation services that work across countries and set you up for success in a globalized world, choose Notary Services Dubai.

Affordable Certified True Copy Attestation services in Dubai

It is important to have Certified True Copy Attestation services for many reasons, including legal, administrative, and foreign situations. These services are important for the following main reasons:

Proceedings in court: Having certified true copies of documents is a way to make sure that the evidence you use in court is legal and accepted by the judge. This is necessary for many legal measures, such as court cases, settling disagreements, and following through on contracts abroad.

Cross-Border Transactions: Documents often need to be attested in order to be recognized in other countries, especially when it comes to international business, schooling, or the law. Certified true copy attestation makes it easier for papers to be accepted around the world, so they can be used in other countries.

Education Abroad: If you want to go to school in another country, your diplomas, transcripts, and academic certificates may need to be certified as true copies. In this way, the educational documents are guaranteed to be accurate and accepted by schools in other countries

Foreign Employment: When applying for jobs or looking for work abroad, some documents, like professional certificates and letters of work experience, may need to be attested to show that they are real and valid.

Government Transactions: Attested papers may be needed for a number of government processes and transactions abroad, such as applying for a visa, a residency permit, or to immigrate. That way, you can be sure that the documents you’re showing are real and up to legal standards.

International Trade: Commercial documents like articles of incorporation, powers of attorney, and trade agreements often need to be sealed in order to be used in international business deals. This is very important for making sure that doing business across countries is legal.

Certified true copy attestation helps make the methods for documenting things more consistent. It makes sure that documents used in immigration, court, school, or foreign situations meet a standard of authenticity that is known and agreed upon. certified true copy attestation services are needed to prove that copies of documents are legal and real, so they can be used in a variety of official, legal, and international situations. In a world that is becoming more globalized, these services help make documents more reliable and trustworthy, whether they are used for work, school, or personal reasons. Look no further, contact Notary Services Dubai.

Certified True Copy Attestation in Dubai by Notary Public and Lawyer

If you are looking for notarization of documents like passport, utility bill, degree, certificate, transcripts, bank forms, business setup documents signing for abroad. It is certified by the lawyers only. Client get confused for attestation and notarization. There are both different.

Notary Public Attestation: Notarization of a document is done by notary public. The notary public witnesses the signing of a document and verifies the accuracy. Its know as notarization. The process is done by Notary Public Dubai courts. The Notary public in the UAE notarizes the document such as Power of attorney, Specimen signatures, Memorandums, NOCs, and certain type of document which should be written in Arabic or translated to From English to Arabic. However Notary public does not offer certified true copy of personal documents such as Passport, utility bills, certificates, degrees, diplomas, transcripts, experience letters etc.

True Copy Attestation: There are certain countries where notary public signs and seals personal documents such as Passport, utility bills, certificates, degrees, diplomas, transcripts, experience letters, employment contracts, forms, applications. Its not possible to have notary Public stamp on copies of such personal documents in the United Arab Emirates. Certified true copy attestation of documents in Dubai is done by lawyers. The Place where we can not give original document, Certified copy of the document is presented abroad. Lawyers in Dubai verify originals papers and certify them as true copies. The document usually get official seal of lawyers along with special words by lawyers “I certify that The copy of the document is true copy of an original paper”

Its is very common in Dubai to have a true copy a passport, utility bills as proof of address presented abroad for any transaction.  Normally such documents are needed for transactions in home country of expats. In order to get these documents attested. Client is need to visit lawyer office for certification services. Notary Services Dubai trusted partner for such types of requirements. Either you can prefer to book an appointment and visit us or opt our online services to get your documents certified remotely.

Notarization of True copies from: Why Notary services Dubai

We offer rapid and reliable true copy attestation in Dubai that will help you to get your documents processed as soon as possible. The documents certified by us as true copies of the originals are accepted by the Banks, Immigration, Companies, and concerned authorities. You can get a reliable, certified true copy straight away from us. Getting it through the legal services provider could turn out to be pretty convenient. And facilitate the approach.

Certified true copy attestation in Dubai. It is a process in which the lawyer provides a stamp and signature on the document to prove its credibility. True copy attestation is the primary legalization procedure and confirmation of the genuineness of the document. It is an important type of legalization when you need your documents attested for foreign travel or business purposes.

If you go with Notary Services Dubai. We can provide one of the fast-certified true copy attestation services in Dubai and save time which you can invest in other fruitful tasks. We are licensed to certify all kinds of legal documents. Our service is rapid & cost-effective. We are happy to assist you with all documents notarization, and attestation. If you are looking for more information and understand the process of notarization and attestation. Contact us via any method of communication Call, Whatsapp, Email at [email protected]

Certified True Copy Attestation in Dubai | Certified True Copy Attestation Services in Dubai | Certified True copy attestation in UAE Certified True Copy Attestation Services in UAE