Affidavit of Support in the UAE

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Affidavit of Support in the UAE

Affidavit of Support in the UAE. When it comes to immigration or visa application proceedings in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), some conditions need to be met to ensure the smooth and successful processing of applications. One similar pivotal demand is the affidavit of support. The Affidavit of Support is a legal document that plays a significant role in demonstrating fiscal responsibility for those seeking entry or residency. It serves as a guarantee from a sponsor, generally a UAE resident or citizen, to financially support the candidate during their stay in the country.

The affidavit of support is a fairly binding document that indicates an existent’s commitment to financially support an emigrant, should the need arise. It’s a critical aspect of the immigration process, assuring the UAE authorities that the aspirant won’t be a financial burden on the country during their stay. Generally, the affidavit of support in the UAE is needed for family members or relatives of UAE residents or citizens who wish to visit or live in the country. This document provides substantial assurance to the authorities that the aspirant will have acceptable financial coffers to cover their charges during their stay, including accommodation, food, healthcare, and other essential requirements.

Affidavit of Support in the UAE

Importance of the Affidavit of Support in UAE

The affidavit of support in the UAE, and utilied abroad helps maintain balance by securing that those who wish to enter the country have a trustworthy financial sponsor. This sponsor assumes responsibility for the candidate’s financial well-being during their time in the outside the country. By demanding this document, the country of stay government aims to ease possible financial strain on public finances, securing the nation’s profitable interests. It also ensures that individuals seeking entry into the country can have a stable and comfortable living experience, free from financial difficulties.

The affidavit of support in the UAE is a complete document that contains vital information about both the sponsor Private Notary Services and the candidate. Some of the crucial factors in the affidavit of support include Sponsor Information The sponsor must give their complete particular information, including their full name, address, nationality, and contact details. This information helps establish the sponsor’s identity and legal responsibility. Applicant Information The document must also contain the applicant’s detailed information, such as their full name, relationship to the sponsor, date of birth, nationality, and other applicable details.

Financial Details The affidavit of support should outline the sponsor’s financial capabilities, such as their income, employment status, and any other sources of financial support. This section is pivotal as it demonstrates the sponsor’s capability to provide for the applicant adequately. Duration of Support The document should specify the intended duration of financial support, indicating the launch and end dates of the commitment. This period generally aligns with the candidate’s intended stay outside the country.

Signatures and Attestations The affidavit of support must be signed by the sponsor, and in some cases, it may bear notarization or attestation to make it fairly valid. Similar authentication ensures the document’s legality and credibility. you can reach our firm, for signature and attestation of douments along with drafting of documents. To gain an affidavit of support in the UAE, the sponsor must follow a series of steps, guaranteeing compliance with the country’s regulations and laws. The process can be summarized as follows: 

Eligibility Verification The sponsor must first determine whether they meet the eligibility criteria to give an affidavit of support. Usually, sponsors are required to be residents or citizens, financially stable, and meet the minimal income conditions set by the country of travel. Document Preparation Once the sponsor confirms their eligibility, they must gather all the necessary documents, including attestation of identity, occupancy status, financial statements, and other applicable paperwork.

Consultation with authorities In some cases, it may be prudent for the guarantor to seek guidance from immigration authorities or legal experts to ensure that all the needed attestation and procedures are followed directly. Completion of the Affidavit The sponsor can also proceed to complete the affidavit of support, delivering accurate and complete information about both themselves and the applicant.

Notarization and Attestation of Affidavit of Support in the UAE

Notarization and Attestation Depending on the specific conditions of the immigration authorities, the affidavit of support may need to be notarized or attested. This step is pivotal to authenticating the document’s legality. Submission of the Affidavit Once the affidavit of support is complete and correctly authenticated, it must be submitted along with the applicant’s visa or residency application to the applicable UAE immigration authorities. 

The Affidavit of Support in the UAE is a pivotal legal document in the immigration process, signifying the sponsor’s commitment to financially support the applicant. By ensuring financial stability during the candidate’s stay, the UAE government maintains a balanced approach to immigration, serving both its citizens and emigrants.

Affidavit of Support in the UAE

More About Attestation of Affidavit of Support in the UAE

Still, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the affidavit of support in the UAE. And requirements, proceedings if you are considering sponsoring a family member or relative for their visit or stay outside the country. Seeking professional backing and guidance from recognized service providers, such as Notary Services Dubai (, can streamline the process and ensure compliance with the immigration laws. By following the correct path and furnishing accurate information, you can contribute to a successful immigration journey and a positive living experience for your sponsored loved one outside the country. Get in touch with expert team of registered legal experts.