DEWA/SEWA bill true copy Attestation in Dubai

Mujahid Ali

DEWA/SEWA bill true copy Attestation in Dubai

DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) and SEWA (Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority) bills are crucial documents in Dubai, serving as proof of address for expats. When engaging for official transactions, legal processes, or business dealings conducted outside the UAE or in one’s home country, expats often need to showcase the legitimacy of these utility bills. To ensure the acceptance of these documents abroad, certification as a true copy becomes necessary. 

As a result, expats are frequently asked to provide authentic copies of their passports, DEWA bills, SEWA bills, bank statements, and other documents. Certified copies of these original documents serve as their proof of address in the United Arab Emirates.

Notary Services Dubai: DEWA SEWA bill true copy Dubai

Notary Services Dubai stands as a reliable partner for expatriates seeking certified true copy attestations for their DEWA and SEWA bills. Our comprehensive services encompass verification process conducted by qualified lawyers. These legal professionals carefully compare the submitted copy with the original bill, certifying that it is indeed a true and accurate reproduction.

How to attest a Dewa bill in Dubai: Simplifying Document Submission Abroad

Choosing Notary Services Dubai for DEWA and SEWA bill attestation ensures that your essential documents will be accepted confidently wherever they are presented. This certification not only validates the authenticity of your utility bills but also streamlines various processes, including international business transactions, legal proceedings, and interactions with government agencies or private entities. It’s common practice in Dubai and the UAE for lawyers to certify true copies of original documents. This provides assurance that the copy is a faithful reproduction of the original document, as it has been verified by a lawyer  who has compared both versions.

Getting a “True Copy Attestation” is important when you can’t provide the original document  to authority abroad. In fact, It would be costly to send original document through courier to home country for any small transaction. Therefore Dubai and the UAE, a lawyer verifies a copy by comparing it to the original, then signs and stamps it, confirming it’s a correct copy. Lawyer’s verified copies are called true certified of original documents. True copy attestation on copies of documents gives them an equivalent value of originals.

Our commitment extends to providing expatriates with a seamless and trustworthy solution for obtaining certified true copy attestations. This ensures that their documents meet the stringent criteria set by government offices, embassies, and private entities on a global scale. By entrusting Notary Services Dubai with the attestation of your DEWA and SEWA bills, you are making a choice for security, efficiency, and reliability in your cross-border transactions and legal undertakings. We understand the importance of these documents and strive to facilitate their validation, making your international dealings more secure and expedient.

True Copy Attestation: Simplifying Document Submission Abroad

Many places around the world, including government offices, embassies, and private entities, often require certified copies of original documents for various transactions. This process is known as True Copy Attestation, and it involves verifying and certifying that a copy is a true and accurate reproduction of the original document.

In Dubai and the UAE, people commonly seek certified copies for documents like passports, utility bills, and more. Here are some common situations where certified copies are needed:

Immigration: When moving to different countries.

Business Establishment: For starting businesses globally, including offshore businesses.

Property Transactions: Buying or selling property.

Opening Offshore Bank Accounts: Required for banking purposes.

Legal Proceedings: Submitting documents to courts abroad.

Documents that often require True Copy Attestation include passports, utility bills, bank statements, lease contracts, employer confirmation letters, marriage certificates, educational certificates, and more. The process in the UAE is straightforward. An expatriate provides the original document to a our lawyers, who verifies its legitimacy, makes a copy, and stamps it with a statement confirming its accuracy. The lawyer signs the copy with the date and contact information. Once issued, the certified copy can be submitted to relevant authorities or third parties outside the UAE.

DEWA/SEWA bill true copy Attestation in Dubai

Notary Services Dubai’s commitment to providing seamless and trustworthy solutions

Our commitment is to provide expatriates with a seamless and trustworthy solution for obtaining certified true copy attestations for their essential documents, ensuring that they meet the criteria set by government agencies, embassies, and private entities worldwide. Trust Notary Services Dubai to facilitate the validation of your DEWA and SEWA bills, making your cross-border transactions and legal dealings more secure and efficient.

Notary Services Dubai provides a trustworthy solution for expats seeking certified true copy attestation for their DEWA and SEWA bills. Our reliable services ensure that these essential documents are validated and accepted with confidence, facilitating smooth business transactions and legal processes outside the country.