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The public can obtain notary services from the Dubai Courts notary public, including document authentication, certification of true copies, and administration of oaths and affirmations. Documents for usage in other countries may also be certified and legalized by the Notary Public Department. You can get these services by going in person to the Notary Public Department or by submitting your paperwork online through a portal.

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he judicial branch of the government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the Dubai courts (UAE). They are in charge of applying justice to the residents and citizens of the emirate as well as interpreting and implementing Dubai’s laws. There are numerous tiers of courts in Dubai, including the Court of First Instance, the UAE notary public

The Notary Public Department of the Dubai Courts offers the service of document authentication in Dubai. The administration of oaths and affirmations, the authentication and certification of papers, and the legalization of documents for use abroad are under the purview of the Notary Public Department.

You must go in person to the Notary Public Department or utilize the department’s online site to submit your documents if you want to use the notarial service in Dubai. You might need to present specific identity and documentation, as well as pay a charge for the notary services.

In addition to the Notary Public Department, private notary services are also offered in Dubai; these services are not related to the government and are accessible for a greater cost. For the authentication of the documents listed below, notary services Dubai also offers the following services:

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The Notary Public Department in Dubai Courts is a specialized department within the Dubai courts that provides notary services to the public. These services include the authentication of documents, certifying true copies of documents, and administering oaths and affirmations. The Notary Public Department is authorized to certify and legalize documents for use in foreign countries as well. This service is available to both individuals and businesses in Dubai. The Notary Public Department uses modern technologies such as e-filing and online case management systems to improve its services and make them more accessible to the public.

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Authentication of documents

n Dubai, Notary Public is a service provided by the Notary Public Department in the Dubai Courts. The Notary Public Department is responsible for authenticating and certifying documents, administering oaths and affirmations, and legalizing documents for use in foreign countries.

To use the Notary Public service in Dubai, you will need to visit the Notary Public Department in person or submit your documents through the department’s online portal. You may be required to provide certain documents and identification and pay a fee for the notary services.

In addition to the Notary Public Department, there are also private notary services available in Dubai, which are independent of the government and offer similar services, but for a higher fee. You can get below services from Notary services Dubai as well for authentication of such documents mentioned below:

Legal documents attestation in Dubai

1. Document authentication: This service entails confirming the legitimacy of papers like deeds, contracts, and powers of attorney.

2. Certifying true copies of documents: In this service, a copy of the original document is made, and its accuracy and truthfulness are attested to.

3. Taking oaths and administering affirmations: This service entails taking oaths and providing affirmations for official and legal purposes, such as for witness statements or the affirmation of a person’s identification.

4. Legalizing documents for use abroad: This service entails certifying papers for use abroad, such as for visa applications or in court cases.