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Dubai is a thriving metropolis renowned for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, opulent shopping, and cutting-edge technology. Notary services are one of the many services that the city provides and are crucial to the legal system. We’ll examine notary services in Dubai in more detail and discuss how they might help your company. It’s critical to first comprehend what notary services include. The government has given the public official known as a notary the power to witness and certify the execution of legal papers. In Dubai, notary services are provided by notary public Dubai Courts and authorized law firms. Those services include the attestation of signatures, the notarization of documents, and the certification of corporate and personal documents.


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Notary Services Dubai

Notary Services Dubai is pioneer of Notary attestation, notary public, private notary services, notary services, certification, and certified true copy attestation services in the UAE. Our expertise includes handling all types of legal procedures, legal documents, drafting, legalization, and one-stop legal services in the United Arab Emirates. We have worked with many businesses and clients in Dubai, and our trust level is 100% with 100% satisfactory results.

In Dubai, notary services are a crucial facet of the legal system, whether you need private notary services or public notary services. It provides more security, ease, and credibility. It is highly advised to hire notary services if you are operating a business in Dubai to make sure your legal documents are correctly signed and validated. Notarized documents are considered Internationally accurate and valid. They are also legalized by the appropriate authorities, documents that have been notarized in Dubai can be used locally and internationally. Businesses that conduct international commerce may find this extremely helpful. We are a one-stop solution for all your notarization, and attestation needs.

Notary Services Dubai offers an affordable fee for each document. The cost of notarization varies depending on the type of document and the complexity of the transaction. When seeking notary services in Dubai, it’s important to make sure that you have all the necessary documents and information before approaching the notary. It’s also worth noting that some notaries in Dubai offer online services, like Notary Services Dubai, which can save time and effort for busy individuals and businesses. Contact our staff via phone, email, WhatsApp, or any other method of communication for additional required details.

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Is attestation and notarization a necessary process? And where can you get it?

Attestation and notarization services in Dubai play a crucial role in the legal process by certifying the authenticity of signatures, legalizing documents, and certifying translations. These services are provided by notary public and private law firms. They are essential for individuals and businesses in the city, as they help ensure the legality and authenticity of important documents.

The process may vary depending on the type of documents and the purpose of attestation or notarization, but typically involves the verification of identities, proper execution of documents, and affixing of seals and signatures by authorised officials. It is important to choose a reputable and recognised service provider for attestation and notarization services in order to ensure the process is done accurately and efficiently.

We focus on client requirements and have built great trust in our services by providing efficient and reliable services. Notary Services Dubai is an efficient source of attestation and notarization services in Dubai.

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Which Type of Documents We Notarized in Notary Services Dubai?

Banking Documents

Application forms
Indemnity forms
Identity documents
Bank Reference Letter
Bank statements

Foreign Documents

All types of applications for Certification courses abroad
Nurse Application forms (Canada, Australia, etc)

Accounting Certification application forms

Insurance companies: Forms and Application

General Documents

Affidavit of support
Affidavit of the same name
Affidavit of single status
Will drafting
Statuary Declaration
Drafting of official documents
General Power of Attorney drafting
Special Power of Attorney drafting

Immigration documents

Affidavit of Sponsorship
Statuary declaration (Canada, UK, USA, Australia)

Document attestation: Citizenship by investment (Malta, Montenegro, Cyprus, Dominica, Portugal, Greece Spain, Grenada, Dominica, etc.)

Gift deed

General Declarations

Personal documents

Passport Copy attestation
Utility bills Dewa/Sewa
Salary slips
Bank statements
Reference letters
Experience Certificates
Marriage Certificates
Birth Certificates
Divorce documents
Single status certificate
Medical Certificates
Police Clearance Certificate
Transfer Certificates
School Certification
School leaving certificates
A-Level certificate, O-Level certificates
Degrees, Bachelor’s, master’s, Doctorate
Bachelor’s Degree Certificates

Commercial Documents

Power of attorney

Board Resolution

Trade Licences

Articles of Association

Certificate of Incorporation

Shareholders Resolution

Certificate of Incumbency

Certificate of Good Standing

Memorandum of association

How we do Attestation and Notary Services in Dubai; Samples

True Copy Attestation

UAE (Dubai)

Power of Attorney

UAE (Dubai)

Passport Copy Attestation


Witnessing of Signature


Notarization of Documents: Trustworthy and professional team of Notary Services Dubai for your kind Assistance

Notarization of the document is one way to analyze the authenticity of a document. When you are planning to travel abroad and apply for immigration. It is a compulsory process that the document needs to be properly notarized under legal authority. It is a process to prove the genuineness of a document. For instance, if you are a Business owner and performing any transactions abroad, parties will ask you for legal documents drafted along with authentication, which may be complicated for you.

Let us handle all the legal complexities for you. If you are an individual, Immigration, immigration attorneys, financial institutions, banks, colleges, universities, real estate agents, companies, or Government offices, may ask you for attested or notarized copies of documents for personal transactions, or personal works. You can reach the professional team at, Notary Services Dubai for all your attestation and notarization needs.

Advantages of Notary Services Dubai: Streamline your business processes with our fast and efficient notary services in Dubai

The additional layer of security is one of the key advantages of hiring a notary services Dubai. A notary is a qualified individual who checks the parties to a transaction to confirm their identity and make sure the paperwork is correctly signed. This can aid in the reduction of fraud and other kinds of legal problems. In the city, notaries can be found in a number of places, including public buildings and commercial businesses. No matter where you are, it is simple to access our notary services Dubai.

Advantages of Notary Services Dubai: Streamline your business processes with our fast and efficient notary services in Dubai

Furthermore, a lot of notaries in Dubai offer online services, which can help you save time and effort. our team of legal experts offers online notarization of documents. Not limited to online processing of notary but also drafting of Power of attorney, legal notices, agreements, No objection certificates, etc. We are a one-stop solution for your legal document drafting, notary, and Certification services, including your proof of identity and proof of address, usually needed for use abroad.

Notary Services Dubai

Finding legal advice for notarization in Dubai has never been completed without Notary Services Dubai. Our team of legal experts wisely advises the best possible procedure for notarization. We are ranked one of the best notary services in Dubai. It’s highly recommended to choose a reliable notary service provider like us, which has a good reputation and offers walk-in and online notarization services in Dubai. To get more information about your legal requirements, Contact Notary Services Dubai and have free initial legal consultation. You can send us an email at [email protected]

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