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Gift Deed in Dubai: Drafting and Notarization Process

A Gift deed in Dubai is a document drafted and notarized normally. A gift deed is a legal document that transfers the ownership of property or money from one person (the donor) to another person (the donee) as a gift. It is an action of voluntary transfer of property or money without any consideration (repayment). Gift deeds are commonly used to transfer money to family members, and family friends but they can also be used to transfer money to friends, and charities.

A Gift deeds must be notarized by a notary in order to be valid. Notary Services Dubai offer drafting and notarization of Gift deed in Dubai. we certify the authenticity of documents and signatures on the Gift deed in Dubai. Notarized documents play an important role in preventing fraud and ensuring that legal transactions are carried out accurately.

Here are some of the benefits of having a gift deed in Dubai notarized:

  • Authenticated Gift Deed: A notarized gift deed is a legal document that proves the authenticity of the transfer of property or money. This can be helpful in preventing disputes or challenges to the transfer in the future.
  • Enforceability of Gift Deed: A notarized gift deed is more enforceable in court than an unnotarized gift deed. This is because a notary stamp and signature on a document is an impartial third party who can verify the identities of the donor and donee and confirm that they both signed the gift deed willingly.
  • Peace of mind After Notarization: Having a gift deed notarized can give the donor and donee peace of mind knowing that the transfer of money or property is legal and valid. This can be important if the gift deed transfers a valuable asset, such as an apartment.

Legal Services at the office of Notary Services Dubai

We are a team of qualified lawyers with extensive experience in the field of legal drafting and notarizing gift deeds for all types of properties, including houses, apartments, and transfers of money. We are always helpful to our clients to understand the legal implications of gifting property in Dubai and ensure that your gift deed is drafted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

gift deed in Dubai

Here are some of the steps involved in the gift deed in Dubai:

Contact Notary Services Dubai to schedule a consultation.

Get in touch with legal experts who will answer all queries related to your gift deed. After the consultation with a legal expert, you will get a complete idea about the process, cost, and complete procedure for notarization and drafting of gift deed in Dubai.

Provision of Documents and Information:

We will be required copies of passports, Emirates ID, property details, Total amount to be transferred as Gift. The name and addresses of the donor and donee. The precise description of the property being gifted. Any other relevant information need to be added in the Gift deed.

Drafting of Gift Deed.

Our experienced attorney will draft your gift deed in Dubai as per the details provided once the draft is ready. You will be shown before processing the notarization of the gift deed.

Notarization of Gift Deed

Once you are satisfied with the draft of the gift deed. You will need to sign in front of a Notary or Lawyer if the gift deed is just witnessing needed for abroad. The document needed to be signed in the presence of a notary or lawyer. The signatures on the gift

If you are considering gifting money to one of your family members, we encourage you to contact Notary Services Dubai today to learn more about the gift deed process and to discuss your specific needs. Our legal experts will be happy to assist you and ensure that your gift deed is drafted and notarized.