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Online Passport Copy Attestation

Online Passport Copy Attestation is a service provided by Notary Services Dubai. The lawyers at Notary Services Dubai offer remote passport copy attestation services in United Arab Emirates, which is one of our essential legal service. The passport copy attestation service allows individuals and business to have their passport copies attested and verified remotely  without the need for physical presence in our office. The attested copy of passport may be required by multiple purposes including travel, education, business setup. Remote notarization may give you convenience to have copies received remotely through email, or Whatsapp.

Procedure for Getting Online Passport Copy Attestation Services

Remote passport copy attestation is a procedure by which a digital copy of a passport is verified and certified to be authentic by an authorized entity. Following steps can be considered opting our services:

Scanning the Passport Copy: 

First of All, make a clear scan of your passport with high resolution in order to make sure all the details in the scan copy is visible and clear. Standard format is PDF. The scan copy can be in JPEG format too.

Save Digital Copy: Save the scanned passport copy as a digital document on your computer, phone or device.

Contact us: Select us as your service provider. Notary Services Dubai is a reliable online attestation service provider in Dubai. Our service is fast and hassle free. You can have your document remotely received within the same day.

Share Scan / Video:  Record video of you while holding original passport. Showing original passport in the video, telling your name and requesting us to certify copy of the passport. Afterward, Share us video and scan copy of the passport to us via email [email protected] or Whatsapp and call +971543801094.

Pay the Attestation Fee: The fees can be paid by online transfer. Pay the required fee through the online payment options provided into company’s account.

Verification Process: we will verify that details provided are correct, and the Passport presented to us. Once we are satisfied with the genuineness of the Passport, we will certify the passport copy.

Attestation: If the document is authentic, we will do attestation on the copy of the passport, seal it with our legal stamps. The legal stamp will say that, The copy of the passport is true copy of an original passport and will bear date, address, license number and supporting detail which may satisfied the needs of our clients.

Receive Digital Copy: Once attested, you can have attested passport copy in PDF  format via email. Furthermore, you can  can get it by Whatsapp if needed.

Online Passport Copy Attestation

Benefits of Online Passport Copy Attestation Services

Online passport coy attestation will give you peace of mind to complete attestation process sitting at your home or workplace. There is no need for in-person visit to our office. Normally, Passport copy attestation is done by presenting original passport and copy of passport in the lawyer office. Travelling to lawyer office, parking the car, investing your precious time. Waiting for certification done by lawyer.  You can skip all the steps by opting online passport copy attestation services in Dubai.

Notary Services Dubai is in business to offer you convenient remote notary services, online passport copy attestation is one of our remote notary service we provide.  Get in touch with legal experts in Dubai who will process remote notarization of documents, our legal experts are experienced and well versed with procedures of attestation of copies of passport. The online attestation of document is an other way to access the service internationally. If you are resident of Dubai and travelled abroad and need attestation of copy of passport. You can reach us to have processed remotely.