Passport Copy Attestation in Dubai: A Valuable Guidance on Certification Needs

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In today’s globalised world, the need for passport copy attestation in Dubai has become more important than ever. Whether you’re planning to get a higher education abroad, finding work in a foreign country, or start a new business, having your passport copy attested is often a one of the requirement. We’ll take you through the entire process of passport copy attestation in Dubai, we will make sure that your documents are recognized and accepted worldwide.

Passport Copy Certification – Passport Copy Attestation in Dubai

Passport copy attestation is a crucial process that involves obtaining a formal stamp to validate the authenticity of your passport copy. This certification is essential for various purposes, such as:

Job/Employment: Many foreign employers require attested passport copies as part of the hiring process to ensure the legitimacy of your identity in the residing country.

Academic: If you plan to study abroad for higher education, universities may ask for an attested passport copy to confirm your identity and eligibility for their degree programs.

Business: When taking steps to set up a business in a foreign country, you may be asked for attested passport copies for various legal and commercial requirements.

Visa/Residency: Attested passport copies are often required when applying for long-term residency or citizenship in a new country.

Passport Copy Attestation in Dubai

Passport Copy attestation in Dubai – Lawyer Certification in Dubai

Passport copy attestation in Dubai is handled by experienced lawyers. The process involves the following steps:

Original Passport

The process typically begins making a copy of the original Passport. Presenting the original passport and copy of passport to registered lawyers.


A lawyer will verify your original passport and the authenticity of your passport.  Afterward, he will apply his legal stamps on the copy of the passport. The copy of the passport will be certified true copy attestation, sealed with lawyers stamps.

Collection of Original and Copy

You will get back original passport and copy with the lawyers stamp, bearing all the details about lawyer and specific sentence that “I have seen original document and this is true copy of an original document”.

Sometimes you might have special instruction from the authority you are required to submit the document like,  ‘The photo on the passport is same as the person appeared in front of the lawyer’.  You can request the lawyer to follow the instruction you are advised by the concerned authority.

Why Choose Notary Services Dubai for Passport Copy Attestation

Notary Services Dubai is a popular choice for passport copy attestation due to several key benefits:

Efficient Services: Notary Services Dubai’s process is known for its efficiency since we deliver passport copy within the same day, ensuring that your attested passport copy is certified as per client’s needs.

Acceptance Globally: Documents attested by Notary Services Dubai are widely accepted by foreign governments, educational institutions, and businesses etc.

Reliable Services: At Notary Services Dubai, we offer  a wide range of attestation services, accommodating various document types and concerned purposes. Book an appointment for today

Passport copy attestation in Dubai is a one of the requirements and processes for individuals for personal use and businesses with commercial use in order to have their international aspirations fulfilled. By understanding the steps involved and the advantages of choosing Notary Services Dubai for this service, you can expedite the process and ensure that your documents are accepted. Don’t let the difficulties of passport copy attestation deter your dreams of studying, working, or setting up a business abroad. Notary Services Dubai’s efficient and reliable attestation services, facilitated by experienced lawyers, make it a top choice for individuals and businesses seeking international recognition.